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Vega Sicilia »Valbuena« 5° Año Reserva 2014 201...
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Kühnes Meisterwerk aus den heiligen Hallen des wohl legendärsten Weinguts Spaniens: Vega Sicilia! Warum dieser Name immer wieder eine wohlige Gänsehaut auslöst, sobald er in Weinkennerkreisen fällt, das zeigt einmal mehr der nachgerade faszinierend gute Vega Sicilia »Valbuena« 5.° Año 2014. Luis Gutiérrez von Robert Parkers Wine Advocat vergibt 96/100 Punkte und schwärmt: \"The 2014 Valbuena, mostly Tempranillo with some 5% Merlot fermented by plot, making a selection from their 210 hectares of vineyards, and then matured in a combination of barriques and larger 20,000-liter oak vats. 2014 is a spectacular vintage of Valbuena, and it reminds me of the 2010, perhaps a tad more elegant and less powerful. It's expressive and has floral notes on the nose along with wild berries, herbs and a spicy and smoky touch that's nicely integrated. It has good complexity and nuance, and the palate is medium to full-bodied and intense, with pungent flavors and great length and persistence. Truly spectacular! 184,684 bottles, 5,578 magnums and some large formats produced. It was bottled in June 2016.

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